Today's technological advancements have made the Walkie-Talkie, also known as a 2 way radio or transceiver, a vital mode of communication for the 21st century workforce. The walkie-talkie is a primary means of communication in various industries, from petrochemical to security services, from hospitality sector to the transportation industry. It has enabled people to perform their work and services efficiently.

To maximize its performance for designated tasks, it is vital that this 2 way radio communication system is highly reliable and secured. This communication system has to be customized around the tasks to be performed. It is of utmost importance that specific user interface testing has to be performed to ensure that the walkie-talkie sets will function as designed.

What We Do

OVERSEAS COMMUNICATION SYSTEM (OCS) is a 2 way radio specialist authorized by MOTOROLA, the world- renowned global communcations leader. Since our incorporation in 1994, OCS has grown to become one of Motorola's Top of the-Line. Achievers marketing all kinds of 2 way radio communication systems both locally and overseas.

Our pool of experienced, well trained communication specialist work to provide you with a one stop solution accommodating your special needs and applications. From supplying and setting up of commumcation systems whether on land or at sea to servicing varied clientele, we provide you the most innovative and technologically advanced communication systems, supported by superior customer service.

Our Mission

We strive to lead the industry by setting a very high standard for ourselves and our strategic partners in delivering total quality and customer satisfaction. Backed by Motorola's superior technology and complete product reliabildy, we aspire to become. Sinqapore's top 2 way radio provider.