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At OCS, Customer Service is always centred on you - our valued customer. We have experienced and attentive personnel promptly available to assist you through the phone, fax or at your site. You will also find knowledgeable Customer Service staff who are specialists in their own rights to help meet your needs at each of our office sites.

  • Sales – A broad range of high-performance walkie-talkie in Singapore including 2-way Radio, Radio Trunking System, Marine Radio, Radar, Antennas, Repeater Station, Base Station, Spares, Accessories and Batteries.
  • System Planning - Provides engineering services & consultancy to assist in designing networks to ensure high quality communications throughout your operation area.
  • Installation - Setting up of repeaters, base stations and antennas for various industries.
  • Rental- For special events or projects of short duration.
  • Service & Repair - Ad-hoc service & repair of any walkie talkie brand in Singapore or other two-way radios at very competitive rates, island-wide.
  • Maintenance Contract - Quarterly & bi-annually preventive maintenance contracts to minimize ad-hoc repair cost and the inconvenience of going without transceivers during repair.
  • Trade-in-Trading in of used Walkie-Talkie to defray cost.

Our Experience

At OCS. we are specifically geared to meet the needs of these two groups of customer groups:

  • Basic Needs Customer Group
  • Sophisticated/High-end Customer Group

The first group comprises users who are basically interested only in a 'talk-and-listen' product which is simple, functional and affordable. Ruggedness, reliability and good audio clarity are important requirements.

The second group comprises technically competent users who demand more from the product. These users may also require that their radios work discreetly and quietly in addition to being rugged, reliable and customized for use.

Our Expertise

In the past decade or so, we have worked with numerous clients from the following sectors:

  • hotels / resorts / golf clubs
  • convention / exhibition centres
  • construction industry
  • manufacturing plants
  • refinery / oil rigs / oil & gas industries
  • chemical plants
  • security companies
  • building management
  • marine industry
  • harbours
  • police force
  • Sumitomo Chemical
  • food industry
  • airport / aviation
  • entertainment outlets